Know Your Bins!

Know your bins!

Waste collection varies across the UK. This is how we do it in Bristol:

  • You should have four different waste containers in your home: a black box and a green box for recycling, a brown bin for compost and a landfill bin.
  • Recycling is collected once a week and non-recyclables once a fortnight – your collection day can be found on the council website. To download your collection calendar and for further advice see the Student Info page on the Bristol Waste Company website.
  • If you live above a shop, access your property via an alley or have nowhere to keep a wheelie bin off the pavement you may have weekly bag collections for waste. Ask your landlord or contact Bristol Waste Company:
  • Recycling must be rinsed clean and sorted into sections within each container
    Overflowing bins and waste left at the side of bins will not be collected, but if you recycle correctly this won’t be a problem – don’t panic as you can order more boxes if needed!
  • Please put your bins out before 7am on the day of collection and remember to bring them back on to your property once emptied so that pushchairs and wheelchairs can safely use the pavements. No bin storage available? Talk to your landlord.

bin label

Top Tip: Write your house number on all of your bins so you know exactly which ones are yours or contact Bristol Waste Company for free bin stickers.

Recycling and Composting in Bristol

  • Black box: glass, paper, batteries (in a bag) and clothing (in a bag to keep it dry).
  • Green box: plastic, cans, tins, cardboard and Tetra Paks (please don’t put black plastic or plastic bags in here).
  • Brown bin: food waste (please use newspaper or compostable bin liners available in supermarkets, not plastic bags or the compost will go to landfill).
  • Outside the boxes: small electrical items (in a bag to keep them dry).
  • Landfill bin: non-recyclables, no food waste. Please remember everything in this bin will go to landfill – it will not be reused and may take hundreds of years to break down.

Don’t forget you can donate many usable but unwanted items to local charity shops.

Watch this short video for a demonstration of what goes where.

For more information on your bin collection days and how to order new bins visit the Bristol City Council website.

If you live in South Gloucestershire, they do their recycling a little differently. Visit the South Gloucestershire Council website to find out more.