Look After Your Stuff

If you’re now calling a shared house or flat in the city home, you need to take time to avoid being targeted by burglars.


Love it? Then log it!

♥ Make sure you register your phone, tablet, laptop, TV and any other valuables on www.immobilise.com It helps us find owners of lost or stolen property every day.

♥ Show your bike some love and register it on www.bikeregister.com so if it’s ever stolen, you can flag it up to police and, if recovered, they can find you.

♥ Download and install tracking software onto your phone and laptop. That way, we can do our best to catch the thief red-handed and get your property back to you. Prey is free preyproject.com but there are others.

Lock it!

• Close and lock your windows – one in five burglars walk straight in
• Don’t leave valuables on show. If you are going out, put them away out of sight.
• Know who’s at home – never let anyone into your house unless you’re confident you can trust them – including at parties. We get a lot of thefts reported the morning after. Respect other housemates and residents – your guests are your responsibility.
• Avoid ‘letterbox burglaries’: never hang or leave your keys anywhere near your letter box or window.
• Don’t leave spare keys under obvious places like mats, pots or bricks – thieves know about these places.