Night Out or Night In?

Everybody loves a celebration but bear your neighbours in mind when planning a party. If you live in a densely populated area that’s a lot of potential birthday parties and celebrations for them to contend with.

Night Out

Our friendly Community Ambassadors have created a venue guide giving you hints and tips on all the best/free venues in Bristol to hold a party. What makes these venues even better is no one has to tidy up in the morning!

Guide to External Venues

For more information on what’s going on in Bristol and how to get involved, check out some of these sites:

Bristol Hub’s guide to local living (PDF)
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Student’s don’t forget to check out the UBU and UWESU websites for the latest event information

Night in

Large, late, loud house parties are not acceptable in residential areas and cause distress to people living around you.

Let your neighbours know if you are planning to have a few friends or family over and you think things might get a little noisy, but for anything more, move the party to a venue in town.

It’s not just loud music that can cause a disturbance – singing, shouting, slamming doors, running up and down stairs, talking in the garden at night and guests arriving and leaving loudly can also cause annoyance.

You can minimise noise disturbance by keeping people inside, closing doors and windows and lifting speakers off floors and adjacent walls.

Keep an eye on the time and respect that others around you are entitled to peace and quiet and a decent night’s sleep.

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