Stay Safe

Bristol is one of the safest places to live and work in the UK, because Bristolians look out for one another.

By taking a few simple steps, you can help to keep yourself and your property safe.

Top Tips for Your Home

  • Always remember to lock your doors and windows when you go out – 1 in 5 burglars walk straight in through an open door or window.
  • Keep laptops, smartphones, keys and other valuables out of sight and register your valuables on immobilise. If something is stolen, the police are far more likely to get it back for you if you’ve registered your items.
  • Only let people you trust into your home; if you feel unsafe call the police.
  • If you are worried about the security of your home or need help setting your security alarm, talk to your landlord.
  • Regularly test your fire alarms.
  • Keep fire exits clear and keys to locked doors accessible.

Find out more about your local police team and read their advice on keeping your home and the stuff you own safe.

Studying in Bristol? Get in touch with your dedicated university officers PC Mark Brain (UWE) or PC Nick Boyce (Bristol University)

Top Tips for Your Safety 

Try not to walk home alone at night. Walk with friends, use public transport or a licensed taxi from a designated taxi rank.

Look after your friends and don’t let them make their own way home, especially if they’ve been drinking.

If you are going out alone or meeting someone you don’t know very well, let a friend know where you are going and arrange to call so they know you are safe.

Be aware of your surroundings when you are out – avoid wearing headphones and keep valuables out of sight.

Being too drunk makes you vulnerable to accidents and being taken advantage of by others- be aware of how much you can safely drink.

Be aware of drink spiking – don’t leave your drinks unattended.

It is never your fault if someone commits violence against you. The only person responsible for violence is the perpetrator no matter what you were wearing, who you were with, or what you were doing. Speak to someone you trust and seek support.

If you are struggling with any personal problems such as drugs, alcohol, mental health or debt there are people who can help you. Seek support from University services or from the wealth of specialised support agencies in Bristol.

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Avon and Somerset Police
Bristol Uni Team
UWE Police Team