scp-logo-HIGH_RESThe BSCP has been established to increase community confidence by bringing together partners and provide a co-ordinated approach to promote student/community relations and cohesion, in the context of the positive contribution of both universities in Bristol.

The group coordinate partnership activity to promote strong student/community relations and respond to issues that require a multi-agency response. Problem solving processes will be employed by the Partnership whenever appropriate. Issues may be brought to the Partnership via Student Community Welfare Committees, Neighbourhood Partnerships, Neighbourhood Forums, Neighbourhood Delivery Teams, residents’ and amenities groups and as informed by data (including but not limited to strategic assessments and the City Council’s Quality of Life Survey). All issues impacting a single agency will not be considered by the Student Community Partnership.

The Student Community Partnership’s objectives are to:

  • Review and respond to community raised issues that have been fed in via any Neighbourhood Partnership, Forum, Neighbourhood Delivery Team or Student Community Welfare Committee.
    Develop and maintain a city-wide forward activity plan which identifies key multi agency priorities; priority leads; targets; outcomes and timescales
  • Develop and update a partnership marketing and communications plan to disseminate key messages and outcomes arising from the planned programme of activity.
  • Apply the approved problem solving process to relevant issues brought to the group where a straightforward solution to resolve it is not attainable.
  • Establish and review information and intelligence sharing protocols that ensure the appropriate flow of information between agencies and partners to effectively promote positive student/community relations.
  • Continually learn through the review and evaluation of partnership activity and disseminate best practice among partners and beyond.

Minutes of previous meetings

The BSCP meets three times a year, to coincide with the academic calendar. Membership of the Partnership may include representatives from Student Unions, Universities, City Council, Police, Landlords & Letting Agents and Neighbourhood Partnerships. The minutes from these meetings are available below.

Reporting problems and issues
The BSCP wants every member of the community to enjoy their home and neighbourhood safely and peacefully. The BSCP is committed to empowering local residents and will work with them to address priorities they identify in their neighbourhood.

If you have a problem with a property you believe to be occupied by students please contact either University. If you don’t know who the students belong to, that’s fine, we will be able to check and make sure your complaint ends up in the right place. Our Community liaison officers work closely with students and their neighbours and can help to resolve issues quickly and effectively, or even just offer some advice.

Joni Lloyd                                                                                                                                                       Community Liason Officer at the University of Bristol

Joni works with partner organisations, community groups and a team of Community Ambassadors to develop and promote initiatives that support positive engagement between students and local residents.

You can contact Joni by email at or by calling 0117 954 6640.

Nigel England
nigelCommunity Liason Manager at the University of the West of England

Nigel works in partnership with local communities, statutory and voluntary agencies and students and staff of UWE to promote positive relationships between students and non student residents, as well as running volunteering campaigns within communities.

You can contact Nigel by email at or by calling 0117 328 1366.

Report direct to the Council

If you have a specific issue, and would prefer to report it to the Council directly, you can do so using the following links. We will treat all information given us in confidence. We will always take your report seriously and investigate it thoroughly.

  • Rubbish
    The Council should always be contacted first if there is a problem with rubbish left uncollected. They can arrange a clear up and even charge those responsible.
    Report an issue with rubbish
  • Noise
    City Council Noise Officers have powers to deal with noise complaints, incluiding Noise Abatement Notices, formal Cautions, prosecution and in extreme cases involving loud music, confiscation of music equipment. The Noise Control Team work until Midnight most nights and until 03:30 on Fridays and Saturdays.
    Report an issue with noise
  • Antisocial behaviour
    The Anti Social Behaviour Team can take action against anti social behaviour from issuing verbal warnings right up to obtaining an Anti Social Behaviour Order.
    Report an issue with antisocial behaviour
  • Hate crime
    Hate crime is any incident based upon prejudice or hatred towards an individual because of their actual or perceived disability, faith, gender identity, race and sexual orientation.
    Report an issue with hate crime