Bristol Big Give

The Bristol Big Give is an annual student move-out collection and recycling campaign run by the universities which donates unwanted goods to charity. The University of Bristol and Bristol Student Union collaborates with University of the West of England (UWE), UWE Student Union and Bristol City Council. In 2017, almost 144 tonnes of donated items from students were collected with a value of up to £250,000 raising vital funds for over a dozen local and national charities including British Heart Foundation (BHF).

The campaign encourages students living in halls of residence and private accommodation to donate their reusable unwanted items at the end of term before moving elsewhere or returning home, diverting the products from landfill. A vast array of goods are donated by students, including kitchenware, clothes, food, sports equipment and books, at designated collection points around the city.

Rose Rooney, Sustainability Manager for Waste at the University of Bristol, said: “Being involved in the Bristol Big Give is extremely important to help us promote the reuse of items at the University and provide students with the opportunity to have a positive impact on their environment and community.”

Gianni Angelini, BHF Professor of Cardiac Surgery at University of Bristol said: “I’d like to thank the students, fellow researchers and residents of Bristol for their outstanding contribution as part of the Bristol Big Give. The donations could translate to over £250,000 for the BHF, which means funding for a three year research project, covering the costs of research equipment, laboratory materials and researcher salaries. Your generosity will enable us to continue our research into heart disease and help us develop new tests and treatments that could save thousands of lives.”

Banks will be in place from 19 April – find your nearest donation bank:

For more information visit the Bristol Big Give Facebook page or check out this information leaflet.

Bulky Items & Extra Collections
If you or your tenants have larger items for donation you can arrange a free collection by the British Heart Foundation online.

There are also several local charities including HappyTat, SOFA Project and Furniture Re-use Network which will collect furniture and large items.

If you have extra landfill waste that will not fit into your landfill bin, you must contact Bristol City Council to arrange a collection.

For more information contact:

Nigel England, UWE Community Liaison Manager on  or

Joni Lloyd, UoB Community Liaison Officer on

Bristol Big Give 2017 was a great success. See the The British Heart Foundation report for facts and figures.


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